“KYAX is like a magic wand and force field in one. It can make all of your audit & assurance headaches disappear in a flash and protect you from the risks of human error, fraud, and regulatory non-compliance”

Janine Grainger, CEO at Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto NZDD Stablecoin Case Study

How Easy Crypto’s NZDD Stablecoin is using KYAX’s reconciliation and reporting tool & KYA™ product to demonstrate transparency, inspire investor confidence & provide assurance through independent audits.


Explore the key features and benefits

Business & Regulatory Portfolio Dashboards

Finance Audit Reporting

KYA ™ 

Business & Regulatory Portfolio Dashboards

  • Attribute and match transaction data, configure rules to auto match transactions movements at scale.
  • Near-time reconciled data in human readable formats to any stakeholder via CSVs, emails or APIs, including configured alerts.
  • Business & regulatory configured reports with drill-down by business unit, activity or any other metric.

Finance Audit Reporting

  • Automatically generate Audit ready client reports in PDF & CSV and send anywhere.
  • Custom dashboard reporting and statement downloads with attestation process support.
  • Read-only data ingestion with configurable, permissioned alerts triggered by your business logic.


  • All of your acccounts, consolidated, reconciled and prepared for you – complete financial review

  • Configurable display of various levels of evidence to different audiences

  • Sign-off from authorized representatives using jurisdictionally appropriate frameworks

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