Digital Asset Reporting for Business

Helping system and data constrained Digital Asset leaders get the right data, into the right hands, with the right reports. By consolidating Google Sheets, Excels, Blockchains & other systems, KYAX provides repeatable, clean data for Business Leaders, Finance, Auditors, Clients, Investors & Regulators.

What are your challenges?

Transaction Reconciliation

Unable to confirm your on & off-chain records against many sources?

Preparing for audit

Need to provide assurance on your financial records to auditors, investors & liquidity providers?

Hard to close your books

Looking to replace risky Google sheets or Excel workbooks?

Unable to do business reporting

Require auditable, permissioned single source of truth for SOX Compliance +SOC Type 2 & ISO 

Too many spreadsheets

Wasting time and valuable resources on manual, repetitive, data-driven tasks?

Increasing Manual work

Unable to stategically plan due to poor data quality & lack of accurate reporting?

Built to scale

Coins & Tokens

Trusted by

KYAX has been a massive boost to our business, driving reconciliations, trustworthy data & reporting, while we focus on revenue and our growing client needs”                                                      

“KYAX is like a magic wand and force field in one. It can make all of your audit & assurance headaches disappear in a flash and protect you from the risks of human error, fraud, and regulatory non-compliance”

Janine Grainger, CEO, Easy Crypto - NZDD Stablecoin

“KYAX has significantly enhanced our business operations, facilitating reconciliations, and enabling reliable reporting, allowing us to concentrate on Alpha, and meeting the increasing demands of our clients.”

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