KYAX were thrilled to witness the thought-provoking discussions and groundbreaking innovations showcased at the Consensus 2023 conference hosted by CoinDesk. The event boasted an impressive array of attendees and speakers, representing a diverse range of backgrounds and professions, from regulators to software developers, venture capitalists to human rights activists.

Throughout the three-day conference, attendees engaged in stimulating conversations about the potential of blockchain technology and Digital Assets to protect property rights in the digital age, drive exponential efficiencies in enterprise operations, and inspire the creation of new consumer applications. These discussions served as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the Digital Asset community to delivering revolutionary products that push the boundaries of what’s possible

3 Key Takeways

1. Growing optimism for Web3 among institutional players, especially those from traditional finance. Many attendees were discussing the potential for moving traditional finance products and services into the crypto space, as well as creating entirely new products within this emerging asset class. It was also interesting to see major Fortune 500 brands like Salesforce, Anheuser-Busch, Franklin Templeton and PepsiCo share their plans for embracing blockchain technology.

2. The lack of clear policy-making and predictable enforcement in the U.S. poses a significant threat to the country’s competitiveness. In contrast, Europe and much of Asia have established frameworks for blockchain regulation and those companies and individuals with a firm understanding in those geographies were significantly more bullish than their U.S. counterparts. The absence of a similar framework in the U.S. is already having significant impact on business planning in the industry.

3. The integration of AI and blockchain was a popular topic of discussion. While both institutional players and crypto-native firms are still in the early stages of exploring AI, it’s clear that the combination of these two technologies has enormous potential for transformative innovation.

That’s a Wrap, Back to Building

Overall, the optimism that permeated throughout Consensus 2023 was palpable, with attendees leaving with a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the future of the Digital Assets industry. We are thrilled to see the progress and innovation across every sector of the space, and look forward to continuing to play a role in this rapidly evolving industry.

Next, our team is heading to the London Blockchain Finance Summit on 16th May. If you are attending and want to talk to the KYAX team about Digital Asset Reporting – please schedule a time to meet here, or email any of our team members at

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