KYAX and Stablecoin Standard are both committed to building critical parts of the Digital Asset infrastructure.

The partnership between these two organizations seeks to deepen institutional adoption of Digital Assets by combining a global industry body for stablecoin issuers and cutting-edge technology, revolutionising how businesses in the Digital Asset industry handle their Finance Operations stack. Businesses operating in the Digital Asset space now have a powerful ally in their pursuit of stablecoin acceptance and demonstrating credibility and integrity within the space.

Together, we look forward to providing an unmatched level of confidence and value to the Digital Assets’ ecosystem.

Forging Trusted Partnerships

Stablecoin Standard and KYAX are growing rapidly, garnering much attention from issuers and potential partners alike. Bringing together stakeholders from all over the Digital Asset ecosystem, one of our key objectives is to advance awareness and education around best practices for all. This partnership with Stablecoin Standard brings this vision one step closer.


KYAX is a venture-backed, web3 native Business, Audit & Regulatory Digital Assets asset reporting  engine that helps data-constrained Digital Asset companies get the right data, into the right  hands, with the right reports.

KYAX’s products are built to SOC and ISO institutional grade  standards, aggregating Google Sheets, Custom Back Office, Blockchains, CeFi & DeFi  transactional data, providing reliable & timely reporting for the most compliance-aware Digital Assets Native Transactors, including Asset Managers, Exchanges, Trading Desks, Stablecoins,  Prime Brokers, Custodians, Accountants, Regulators & Audit firms.

Stablecoin Standard

The Best Practice Checkmark for Stablecoins. Founded in 2022, Stablecoin Standard is a global industry body for stablecoin issuers, providing a shared voice to engage with external stakeholders and promote the acceptance of stablecoins through education and shared initiatives.

“As more regulation touches Stablecoins globally, it is becoming imperative that issuers both adhere to local national regimes and strive to talk in one voice to guide implementation and further regulatory regimes – that is what the Stablecoin Standard, in partnership with KYAX, is setting out to do” said Ramy Soliman, Policy Lead & Co-Founder of the Stablecoin Standard.

As the Digital Asset industry continues to mature and gain mainstream acceptance, the need for reliable reporting solutions becomes increasingly apparent. This partnership is a shining example of how collaboration between specialised companies can address complex challenges and pave the way for a more transparent and compliant Digital Asset ecosystem.

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